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Guided by experienced practitioners, this intimate encounter is designed to help you explore your sensuality, embrace your desires, and embark on a path of profound personal growth.

The Garden of Pleasure Program is open for you to enjoy. We have a few Sensual Sessions that require pre-booking. These sessions provide a sacred space where you can dive deep into your sensual essence, free from judgment or expectations. This experience is tailor-made to honor your individual journey, preferences, and boundaries.

Shibari private class by Tamashi

Advanced Shibari class per demand for couples with a Shibari basis that want to enhance their abilities

Shibari private session by Tamashi

For those who want to experience the magic and beauty of Shibari first hand, to fly and dive deep into their mindfulness

01.09.23 – 15:00

02.09.23 – 18:00

(or you can schedule another time personally)

For booking:

WA or TG:


Tantric sensual touch massage by Romain

01.09.23 – 20:00

02.09.23 – 20:00

For booking:

Phallus massage by Miss Asya

Learn about the physical structure of the penis, stimulating massage techniques, and how to feel more pleasure with your partner

01.08.2023 – 18:00 

03.08.2023 – 13:00

Limited for 5 person each


For booking (first 5 people) send email:

Sex Coaching with Eugina O Liberty
Create and keep juicy and passionate relationships that rock your world!

01.09.23 – 15:00

02.09.23 – 15:00
Contact Eugina directly to book your space +447361382917.

Tantric Temple Light by Women of Eros

This is a space for sexual exploration where we guide you into practices that connect our animal, primal, sexual bodies with our energetic, spiritual and sensual bodies. This will be a guided journey. We will aim for a gender balanced field, it is very important you DO NOT come under the influence of any substances

02.09.23 – 20:15

For booking WA Ava: +31 6 14122063 

Tantric Massage by Women of Eros 
Learn the practice of utilising touch to access deeper states of arousal. Understanding the basics of how full body & energetic orgasms start. If you want to learn how to give your partner (or future partner) the most incredible, juicy and orgasmic experience: this is for you

03.09.23 – 12:00

For booking WA Amanda: +15618937819