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Thank you for showing interest in the Volunteers Program for The Gardens of Babylon 2023. We need you! Stay tuned to sign up soon…

We are looking for volunteers! Sign up now and support the community by contributing to this festival.


You work two times a six hours shift during our three day summer festival.


Prior to the event we kindly ask you to pay a deposit of €TBC,- which will be refunded after you completed your shifts. If you can’t make it in the end you can cancel your application and the payment until up to three weeks prior to the event.


Please bring your own tent.


1. Check-in

All the crew like creative-, spiritual participants etc and visitors of the festival need to check-in at the entrance. As a ‘Check-in Angel’ you will make sure all visitors receive the correct wristband and explain the benefits of the different wristbands. After the check-in process, a runner will take over and will guide the visitors to the correct camping site. Visitors of the festival need to check-in at the entrance. We will provide more information about this role after signing up.

2. Camping

As Camping Angel you are responsible for helping the festival attendees to find their rented tent or point out free camping space for those who arrive with their own tent. There’s limited space, so make sure the tents are being set up as close to each other as possible. You will be one of the helping hands the visitors meet after their travels and heavy lifting, so make sure they feel at ease and create a joyful start to this long weekend.

Are you interested in a volunteer position?

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