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The Festival

We are obesssssed

with festival clothing!

We absolutely love and adore every one of our extremely talented vendors that join us to bring you the most inspiring festival pieces to collect each year.

We know plenty of us would spend our life savings on festival wear… You can truly never have enough to add to your festival repertoire. Every time you are at The Market of Curiosities something magical happens. Whether it’s finding a new piece, running into a family member and sharing a good laugh, making new friends while hanging out, the market is the place to be. Let’s go on a shopping spree, while being fully conscious of our decision-making in supporting the earth and small businesses.

We have carefully selected very special and magical market vendors to bring you the most stunning pieces anyone could ever desire.

We want to give a very warm welcome to our market vendors that will be showcasing at The Gardens of Babylon Festival 2023.This is truly a special event all its own. The Market of Curiosities opens on Friday, September 1st. In case you want the first pick make sure to arrive early to the festival! We are getting So excited! See you soon, angels.

The Style of Babylon

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